Team Mikronomy

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Nico Arisona
Chief Executive Officer
  • 4 Years Experience at MSME
  • Young on TOP BNI 46 Entrepreneurship IPB
  • Taiwan Vet Exchange
  • Vet Youth Summit Japan
  • Europe’s Premier Business Competition
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Kurniawan Akhmad
Chief Marketing Officer
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • 7+ Years Experience in field of Internet Marketing
  • An expert in Blockchain Investment
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Ilman Zafa A
Chief Technology Officer
  • 3 Years Experience in Blockchain Technolgy
  • StartUp Business Analyis & Development
  • Experience as Technical Leader in Cryptocurrency Project
  • Blockchain Enthusiast
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Muhammad Alfasih
Blockchain Developer
  • 5 Years Experience in IT Technical Support
  • 5+ Years in Software Engineering
  • Blockchain Network Developer & Programmer
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Rafsan Syabani Cholik
Community Manager
  • 2 Years Experience in international relations
  • Awardee of University Immersion Program at Sichuan University in China
  • Awardee of Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship in Poland
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Faishal Haq Junaidi
Operational Executive
  • Senior Business Development at PT. Redkendi Andalan Mitra (ID)
  • Magister of Management (Mercu Buana University)
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Achmad Zaki Zamalmi
Graphic Designer
  • 4 Years Experience Design
  • 1 Year Freelance Photographer
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Ahmad Fajar
Event Coordinator
  • 4 Years of Experience in Event Industries
  • Social Communication


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Ayaz Ismayılov
  • Computer Science Lodz University, Lodz (Poland)
  • Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Baku (Azerbaijan)
  • Anglo-American Business Services & ATTAS PR- Alliance, Baku (Azerbaijan)