How to Buy?

Buy Mikronomy token is simply done by sending at least 0,1 Ethereum to Mikronomy's Smart Contract Address. Mikronomy token will be sent to your Ethereum wallet automatically after payment is done.

Here is detailed step by step, if you wish to know. If you has mikronomy account, just skip the step and jump to step number 6.

1. Please login to your mikronomy account in our member area at
2. In the login form, fill out your login information.

3. If you haven't account yet, please register first, click on "signup" button. And then fill out all form, and submit. We accept gmail mail only.

4. We'll sent an activation email to your email address. Click activation link that we'v sent to your email.

5. At the first login, you must set up your ethereum wallet address. Ensure that you have recheck it correctly, you are not able to change it later.

6. All done. Now you are able to buy Mikronomy token.
7. Click on the "buy" button in the top menu. Here you will see Mikronomy's smart contract address. You must send payment to the mikronomy's smart address.

8. Go to your Ethereum wallet. You can using metamask (Check this video, Click Here!), myetherwallet, imtoken, etc. In this step, we explained payment using metamask only.
9. Open your metamask wallet, enter your wallet password.

10. Click on the "send" button.
11. In the recipient address, fill it with Mikronomy's Smartcontract address, it is 0x927Cc3371640de7833C3e686fa07027CbFD922ae. Click next.
12. In the amount, fill it with how much you will buy mikronomy. Minimum payment is 0,1 ETH "Set GAS minimum : 150.000 GWEI : 10" Click next.
13. Almost done. Click confirm button, and payment will be sent to mikronomy.
14. After we recieve your payment, some MKN will be sent to your wallet address automatically. You can see your MKN token in your metamask by adding Mikronomy's smartcontract address.

15. You can see you MKN token in your Mikronomy's account dashboard also.